Friday, August 31, 2012

4 Year Anniversary Celebration of Step Brothers

The Framed artwork is sold out, but prints are still available to purchase:
Super Step Bros. is available to purchase HERE
Prestige Worldwide is available to purchase HERE
2008 was an interesting year. The Economy was just on the verge of going down the toilet, Flo Rida had the number one song in the country, I left my full-time job at Electronic Arts to return home to Southern California (really good timing Joey...), and a lovely little movie from Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly came out. Only one of these things can we look back on fondly and laugh.

Gallery 1988 is paying tribute to a very funny movie with "The Four Year Anniversary Celebration of the Cinematic Classic Step Brothers" posted an excellent preview of some of the work from the show:

Huff and Doback are one of the best comedy pairings in recent memory. Both of these actors are excellent on their own

So when I heard these two guys were making a movie together, I was pretty excited! Gallery 1988 is known for putting together interesting art shows that people didn't realize they wanted and they never disappoint. The artwork from this show is incredible, and the inspired artwork shows what a great movie Step Brothers truly is.  

I created 2 different pieces for the show. I am a fan of NES box art and always love the challenge of simplifying something into the iconic pixel art. For this show I thought it was only appropriate that Huff and Doback replaced Mario and Luigi:

But then I also thought it would be appropriate to continue my series of retro children's albums with Prestige Worldwide:

The show will open Friday, August 31st and run through September 22. If you're a fan of this great movie, you should head on down to Santa Monica and check it out!

A limited number of signed and numbered prints of my artwork will be available exclusively through Gallery 1988 at the gallery as well as through their online store:

"The Four Year Anniversary Celebration of the Cinematic Classic Step Brothers"
Opening Friday, August 31st 7-10pm
Gallery 1988 Venice
214 Pier Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Breaking Bad Art Project @ Gallery 1988

**I was interviewed by CNN about this artwork. Yes, that CNN! Check it out HERE**
Prints are now available for sale by clicking HERE :)
Wow! Sold out, that was quick. Thanks to everyone who bought a print!
A few artist prints are available HERE 

The hits just keep on coming for Gallery 1988!! Just weeks ago was the Arrested Development show, then they packed up and headed east to NYC for Crazy 4 Cult. Now they're back at home and ready to cook! Next up, Gallery 1988 presents "The Breaking Bad Art Project".

Vince Gilligan is one of my favorite people working in television. Not only did he write and produce some of the most excellent episodes of The X-Files (quite possibly my favorite show of all time), He has also given us the best drama currently on television. To say that Breaking Bad is a great show is really a huge understatement, Vince Gilligan and his writing team are beyond brilliant and continually out-shine every other dramatic series currently on TV. 

I've been watching Breaking Bad since the pilot episode hooked me back in January of 2008. I've had to wait through very long breaks between seasons to find out what's going to happen next. I LOVE Breaking Bad, so when I heard Gallery 1988 was going to be doing a small group show, I really was beyond thrilled to be a part of it. 

I am extremely excited to be a part of this show, so without further ado, I present my artwork for "The Breaking Bad Art Project" at Gallery 1988:

"Walt and the Bad Breakers have been cooking up something extra-special in New Mexico. The hit new album "Blue Sky" is loaded with the purest music your ears have ever heard. One hit of their first single "The One Who Knocks" and you'll be hooked. With catchy songs like "Better Call Saul", "The Ballad of Skinny Pete" and "Lily of the Valley", you'll never feel blue again. So get cookin' with Walt and the Bad Breakers today!"


Along with prints, one lucky person will be able to purchase this one-of-a-kind framed album complete with a crystal blue vinyl record!

Available exclusively at Gallery 1988

A very limited number of prints of the album cover (signed and numbered) will be available at Gallery 1988 in person as well as through their online store:

Album front/back Artist Prints will be available in very limited quantities through my store (After the gallery show has closed) by clicking HERE

This is an extremely short show, it opens Monday, August 20th and is up for only a week I believe. So if you're in Los Angeles, and you're a fan of Breaking Bad or just awesome art in general, head over to Gallery 1988 and check it out!

"The Breaking Bad Art Project" - Presented by Breaking Gifs
Opening Monday, August 20th 7-10pm
7020 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038

You can just show up, you don't even have to knock. 

A special thank you to Gallery 1988 for letting me a part of this awesome show. They continue to do shows that i'm super excited to be a part of, and I am so honored that they continue to have me.


On Saturday Aug 18th, Gallery 1988 held a private VIP event with cast/crew and artists. I got to meet a very lovely former high-school chemistry teacher and his son:

Walter White: High School Chemistry teacher, a classy gentleman all around.

...and his son Walt Jr. sometimes goes by the name Flynn, lover of breakfast. 
Very, very kind hearted guy.

 A very nice lawyer offered to help me sort out my financial issues. He suggested I purchase an arcade, I like the way he thinks:

I think he stole my wallet. 

And this very fine gentlemen is the whole reason this gallery show exists. Creator of the greatest show on television, Vince Gilligan! Writer of some of the best X-files episodes and new proud owner of the Breaking Bad album artwork I created for this opening! It's such an honor to have someone who's work I appreciate so much, appreciate my work.

Thank you Mr. Gilligan

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Crazy 4 Cult: New York @ Gallery 1988 - Wyld Stallyns

Prints are available to purchase by clicking HERE :)
Front/Back Artist prints are available exclusively in my store by clicking HERE!
For the past 8 years, Gallery 1988 has existed solely in California, and they have done several Crazy 4 Cult shows. These Crazy 4 Cult shows have always been incredible shows full of extremely talented artists and amazingly great artwork, but this year is going to blow the roof off the place. Crazy 4 Cult is moving across these lovely United States of America to New York City!!!

Badass artwork by Jason Edmiston

This summer tradition for those of us fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on your views) enough to live in Los Angeles is packing it's bags and heading for Big Apple. Though the show may have left Southern California, I wanted to base my artwork off of a lovely little city near and dear to my heart, the City of San Dimas.

San Dimas, CA. According to Wikipedia, it was founded in 1887, incorporated in 1960, but was really put on the map in February of 1989 thanks to two young gentlemen that go by the name of Bill S. Preston and "Ted" Theodore Logan.

I'm still waiting for Wyld Stallyns to write the song that changes the world. But for now, I present the latest album from Wyle Stayllyns, "Be Excellent To Each Other"

"Wyld Stallyns"

"Straight from San Dimas and into the history books, it's Wyld Stallyns with their new album "Be Excellent to Each Other". Packed full of new songs like "Most Triumphant", "Dust, Wind, Dude", and their first single "Strange Things Are Afoot". San Dimas High School Football rules, and you will too when you listen to Wyld Stallyns!"


Along with prints available will be this one-of-a-kind framed album. In continuing tradition with my other albums, the record chosen for this piece was hand-picked to be appropriately connected to the subject matter.

Available exclusively at the Crazy 4 Cult show.

The record used in the framed album. Rufus would be proud.

I was 8 years old when Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure came out. I grew up in the small town of La Verne. La Verne happens to be next door neighbors to San Dimas. Seeing this movie take place in San Dimas blew my 8 year old mind until I quickly figured out the locations in the movie didn't match up with what I knew San Dimas looked like. Our Waterloo is actually called Raging Waters (FACT: I once got chased by human poop in the lazy river at Raging Waters, I never returned) Sadly, the movie was actually shot in Arizona, my 8 year old psyche never recovered.

I brought the framed album to two very important locations in San Dimas, as I live only a few shorts blocks from these historic landmarks.

Strange things are afoot.

I hear their football rules...

A limited number of prints of the album cover (signed and numbered) will be available at Gallery 1988 in New York as well as online through their store: 

Front and back Artist Prints will be available through my store by clicking HERE

"Crazy 4 Cult: New York"
Thursday August 9th, 6-9pm
Gallery 1988 NY Pop-Up Store
64 Gansevoort St.
New York, NY 10014

And please... Be excellent to each other.