Friday, January 23, 2009

i've gotta live on an island to find the juice

I woke up on new years morning with an idea for a children's book. I sat down at my desk to write it down and it just poured out. Since working in the video game industry didn't allow me much time to work on my own art, this has been a refreshing start to the new year.
The past few weeks i have working pretty diligently on the illustrations. Here's the first image i created for the book, it's pages 33 and 34 out of 42 pages. I don't know why i started here, out of all the pages it was the easiest one to design. After finishing this one, i felt that i had the tone and style i wanted, and have used it as a template for the rest of the book. i now have about 75% of the book laid out and i hope to be done with it by the end of february. I'll hopefully post some more updates before i finish! What a great way to start out the new year :)


Ray Ferguson said...

I really like this. I'm jealous, I've working on the same story for a year now.

Good luck to you.

Eric Merrell said...

Hey Joey, that sounds rad. Good luck, hope to see the published version someday. Are you going to title it that, too? Hope so.

Falkinbu12gs said...

Cant wait to see this

Dara said...

Mom is going to freak out. She's been talking about your doing a children's book for years! Only it should be about your nephews. Work that in somehow, will ya? xoxo

Banewulfe said...

This is BEAUTIFUL Joey! I love the mood and the stylized character and trees and color and everything! I can't wait to see more! I will totally buy a copy of your book when it comes out!!

BTW, I love Weezer so your title also made me smile. Great song, great line! ^_^