Friday, March 09, 2012

The Fellowship

"Pack your Lembas bread and get ready to leave The Shire behind with The Fellowship! The new album "One Ring" will take you on an epic journey there and back again. With hit songs such as "You Shall Not Pass" and "Po-ta-toes", your ears will RING with delight. So bring your axe and your sword and listen to The Fellowship!"

-The Fellowship album front-

-Track listing for "One Ring"-

I created this piece just purely for my love of The Lord of the Rings. I originally had planned to do a bit of an ode to Sgt. Peppers by trying to include as many LOTR characters as possible, and I soon realized that what I love about the films is this group of men, wizards, hobbits, an elf and a dwarf that set out on the ultimate quest of good vs. evil.

The hard thing about coming up with a track list is that there are just too many good quotes. There's even a hidden one which only an elf would know.

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